Have you ever bought 15 ingredients for one recipe just to throw them away a few days later when they start to go bad? Did you know that about 90 pounds of edible food goes wasted each year that costs the average consumer $370![i] At the same time, 16 million kids struggle with hunger. This does not have to be the reality in America. [ii]

For me, I often find that I waste food when I buy an ingredient specifically for a recipe and then don’t make a plan on how I will use it later in the week. I think this especially holds true when I am cooking for myself and only need a small amount.

Therefore, each week I will be choosing one ingredient to use in the weeks recipes. The recipes will be a mix of breakfasts, salads, appetizers, and entrees. I hope the difference recipes with the featured ingredient will inspire you to plan ways to use your groceries and reduce your food waste. Besides having a positive impact on others and the environment, you will end up saving yourself a lot of money—and really who couldn’t use a little more money!

The ingredients I feature will often be seasonal produce, but I might choose other ingredients that end up in your refrigerator door forever too. If you have any suggestions for ingredients let me know.

[i] USDA
[ii] No Kid Hungry/Share Our Strength

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