Featured Ingredient: Blood Orange

Featured Ingredient: Blood Orange

I have never really been a huge fan of oranges, mostly because the thought of orange juice disgusts me. I can’t really separate in my head oranges from orange juice, hence I have never featured oranges on my blog.

Blood oranges are of course all the rage on instagram during the winter due to their beautiful color. And I too want to be part of that action. But for reasons described above, I was hesitant about blood oranges because I wasn’t sure of how they different from oranges.

So I asked Alexa, just kidding, I dont have one, but I googled it.

I discovered they have a different flavor than oranges and even might have some undertones of berries. That sounded good enough to me, so I figured I could give them a try in my recipes.

Featured Ingredient: Blood Orange

Four Facts about Blood Orange Nutrition

  1. Although all oranges are high in Vitamin C, Blood oranges have up to 40% more than navel oranges.
  2. Blood oranges have higher amounts of Anthocyanins than navel oranges. Anthocyanins are antioxidants that can help to prevention damage to cells which is thought to play a role in cancer prevention and to reduce inflammation.
  3. All oranges are fat-free or very low in fat, cholesterol-free, and sodium-free.
  4. All oranges are a good source of Folate. One orange can account for about 10% of your daily needs. Folate is best known for preventing neural tube defects in unborn fetus’ so its an essential vitamin for pregnant women.
Blood Oranges can be stored at room temperature for a week and up to three weeks in the fridge.


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