Featured Ingredient: Parsnips

Featured Ingredient: Parsnips

It may be spring, but I have one last winter root veggie to feature in my recipes. Besides, the weather doesn’t quite yet fit my definition of spring, so some warm noodles and soups are still in order.


Four Facts to know about Parsnip Nutrition

  1. Parsnips are a good source of dietary fiber. A 100 g root provides 4.9 mg or 13% of fiber. Fiber helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, and keeps you full for longer periods of time.
  2. Parsnips are an excellent source of Vitamin C that helps the human body maintain healthy connective tissue, teeth, and gums.
  3. Parsnips are also a good source of the B vitamins folate, folate is especially important for pregnant women to prevent neural tube defects in babies.
  4. Parsnips have high levels of antioxidants Vitamin C and E. These vitamins help eliminate or neutralize free radicals that can damage cells, which may be one of the causes of cancer.


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