Chocolate Peppermint Bark Cookies

Chocolate Peppermint Bark Cookies

I have been thoroughly enjoying cookies this week. Between the cookies I baked and am sharing and all the ones I have swapped I must have 15-20 different cookies in my fridge right now. I had to resort to trying a bite and throwing it out.. oops.


Anyways, the whole cookie swap idea is very new and exciting to me. I had never been to one before I had my own last year. I mean why are they only associated with Christmas, any day seems like a great time to make cookies and swap them. And why just cookies, what about cupcakes, cakes, any baked goods. In fact, I think i am going to have a cake swap for my next birthday.


Today I am sharing a cookies recipe based off the Inside Out Chocolate Chip Cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction. Sally has the best cookie recipes. She has done all the hard work figuring out all the measurement ratios for the softest chewiest cookies, so I think its best to give her credit and use her recipe.

I met Sally at her book signing in Boston, Oct 2015


But to give this chocolate cookie recipe a holiday twist, I replaced white chocolate chips with Peppermint Bark. With the back of a wooden spoon, crush the peppermint bark into tiny pieces. Add about 1 cup of crushed peppermint to the batter. Reserve an extra 1/4 cup of crushed peppermint bark to add on top of the cookies once they are done.




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