Featured Ingredient: Broccoli

Featured Ingredient: Broccoli




You can never have too many anthropologie bowls! Am I right?!

An anecdote about H. Pylori. In my health communications class, when we talked about testing campaign concepts, we always talked about a CDC campaign about H. Pylori. The campaign concept was to inform Americans that stomach ulcers are caused by H. Pylori bacteria and not stress. As I am sharing this story, I am slowing realizing that there is really no point to it besides to inform you that stomach ulcers are caused by H. Pylori and not stress. As a child who was often told I would give myself stomach ulcers, i think its a good tidbit to know. so yep that was the story. CDC tested a lot of concepts, most did not test well. One of the concepts had a caricature of a woman who looked exactly like the professor who taught the class. In case you have actually read through this nonsense story. This is the concept that won.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 6.50.58 PM.png

Moral of the story: Eat Broccoli!



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