Love & Lemons: Roasted Squash with Apple Salsa

The Love & Lemons cookbook is so perfect! After reading the first few pages I came to understand that Jeanine shares the same passion and sensible attitude towards cooking that I do. She believes in using local, seasonal produce, cooking with lots of veggies, and taking creative licensing when it comes to recipe. Most importantly, the entire cookbook is organized by vegetable! What a great idea 😉


So now that I have finished gushing over the cookbook, I chose to cook a recipe from her blog! Because like Jeanine, I believe in cooking with what you have and I had a lot of Delicata Squash.


Thus, I made this delicious Roasted Squash with Apple Salsa. I love this recipe because it’s so unique. I wouldn’t have come up with the pairing on my own but I love finding new and creative ways to put ingredients together.


Find her recipe here: and the cookbook.



I cant wait to cook more of her recipes!


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