How Sweet It Is: Oatmeal Apple Butter Squares

How Sweet It Is: Oatmeal Apple Butter Squares

Welcome to my new monthly series: Friday Feature. The series will share some of my favorite bloggers cookbook recipes. The recipe will fit into the ingredient of the week and I will certainly look for recipes that fit my nutrition philosophy. If needed, I will also share some healthy swaps and modification.


First is up is one of my favorite bloggers! Jessica from How Sweet It Is. I can’t get over her ingredient pairs. They are ingenious. I mean, Pistachio Pancakes, Arugula Kale Reggiano Salad, butter roasted cherry-swirl overnight oats, Autumn Acai Bowls with Vanilla Bean Cashew Butter … I could go on…

However, there is no denying many of her recipes are quite rich and not exactly healthy, so I wanted to choose one of her recipes that was unique but also not too over the top.

So the feature is: Apple Butter Oat Bars.


I mean they really are quite ingenious combining peanut butter and apple butter… does it get any better? And since the recipe calls for peanut butter there is no added oil and just a little butter for the topping. However, if you are keeping track of your sugar intake (and really we all should) there is a good portion in here.


Check out her cookbook to find this and many other amazing recipes. (I think ill pass on infringing on copyright laws. My photos barely do her recipes justice so i highly highly suggest following her blog and buying her cookbook!



Be sure to follow figsandflour on instagram and tag your recipes with#figsandflour! You can also post a photo of your recipe to the Figs & Flour Facebook page. I would love to see what you are cooking in your kitchen!

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