Featured Ingredient: Apples

Featured Ingredient: Apples

Apple season is one of the best seasons all year! I am never worried when I have a pound of apples in my kitchen. I can think of 100 things to do with them in addition to just eating them plain. With the exception of summer, I pretty much eat an apple a day. Do you remember that adage you learned in school, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well is it really true?

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The important thing to keep in mind about apples, is that the skin is the most nutritious part, so be sure to eat it too. I actually love apple skin. When I was younger and my mom  was baking with apples, I used to just eat all the skin that she would have thrown out. Did anyone else do that?


As far as a favorite, although I don’t really discriminate… I love a good granny smith. Is it true that the white dots on the skin indicate how tart they are? My sister and I always told my mom to buy the ones with the most dots because we thought they were extra tart.

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As for a least favorite… that’s easy…red delicious… those are by far the worst.

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