Ingredient of the week: Figs

Ingredient of the week: Figs

Finally! It’s fig season on the east coast! I have been extremely jealous all of the west coast bloggers who have been posting beautiful figs recipes for weeks! Literally, every week I go from store to store asking if any figs have come in and finally last week I spotted them! I think our fig season is quite short on the east coast so I grabbed a bunch and started cooking! It is my namesake after all!

figs (1 of 1)-2figs (1 of 1)-10figs (1 of 1)-9


figs (1 of 1)-8figs (1 of 1)-7

figs & flour (1 of 1)-10figs & flour (1 of 1)-9figs & flour (1 of 1)-8figs & flour (1 of 1)-11

figs (1 of 1)figs (1 of 1)-3figs (1 of 1)-5

figs & flour (1 of 1)-3.jpg

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