Black Cherry Greek Yogurt Nutella Popsicles

Black Cherry Greek Yogurt Nutella Popsicles

Who else is mesmerized by the Olympics? I cannot get enough of any and all of the events but especially women’s gymnastics. I see those commercials about kids getting involved in USA Gymnastics and I am like yes sign me up! I want to be an Olympian.

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My Olympic dream began in 1996, I was 7 and appropriately, I was obsessed with the Magnificent 7. I begged my mom for the Dominique Moceanu book from the Scholastic Book Fair but definitely didn’t want any part in Kerry Strug’s haircut. I took gym and dance but to be honest gymnastics wasn’t my thing. I lacked upper body strength and overall coordination. I never made it past the standing back bend.

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Even still, since then, I have always been obsessed with Women’s Gymnastics and never will give up the #dream

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Since Chobani fuels the US Olympic team, I thought it was quite fitting to share a Chobani based recipe. And this recipe only has 2 ingredients which is perfect since if you are like me all your time is consumed with watching as many events as you can.

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Black Cherry Greek Yogurt Nutella Popsicles

  • Servings: 4-6 popsicles
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The easiest two ingredient Popsicle!


  • 4-6 6oz Chobani Black Cherry Greek Yogurts
  • 8-18 tsp of Nutella or Trader Joes Cocoa Almond Spread


  1. Each Popsicle uses about 1 6oz cup of yogurt and 2-3 tsp of Nutella. Depending on how many Popsicles you would like to make depends on the amount of yogurt and Nutella you will need.
  2. Make sure to mix the yogurt cup to evenly spread the black cherry on the bottom.
  3. Layer the Popsicle molds with yogurt and teaspoons of Nutella. There is really no science to this just do what looks good to you!
  4. Fill the mold to the top and place them in the freezer overnight.
  5. To remove the Popsicle from the mold, run under hot water for a few minutes.

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The Final Five call me!

What’s your favorite Olympic sport?

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