Apricot Galette

Sweet summertime! Every day feels like a good day to eat a pie (but not really). I am rounding off the last two weeks of delicious apricot recipes with an Apricot Galette. Galettes are like pies but definitely more forgiving and require less time for the busy or impatient.

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Today’s crust recipe I adapted from one of my other favorite bloggers: Sally at Sally’s Baking Addiction. Baking measurements are not something to play around with so when it doubt follow someone you trust! Sally I trust you completely!  I just used a little less sugar than her…

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I love the sweet and tart nature of Apricots that I think goes perfectly with this galette. And if its as hot as it is here-there is no question a scoop of vanilla ice cream is necessary.

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Even though I have been sharing some extra sweet recipes this week. Just remember balance and moderation. Since you can buy apricots individually you don’t have to eat all these recipes in the same week 😉 

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Apricot Galette

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