Strawberry Shortcake Overnight Oats

Strawberry Shortcake Overnight Oats

It’s Friday so Treat Yo Self! Right?

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Today’s overnight oats is a little more on the decadent side but can still fit within a healthy eating style. For this breakfast, oats, nonfat Greek yogurt and milk combine with fresh strawberries and a little bit of angel food cake to make these overnight oats a little special.

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And let’s talk about angel food cake for a quick second. Back when fat was mortal enemy number one, angel food cake was all the rage. I remember eating it often with strawberries and cool whip (because fat was evil). Now as our nutrition knowledge has expanded through advances in science…YES SCIENCE… we know that not all fat is bad. In fact, some fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in olive oil, nuts, and avocados can actually be good for your health in moderation.

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Now it turns out we should be paying more attention to our sugar intake. Angel food cake which used to be a good food happens to have a pretty good amount of sugar. But let’s be careful from calling sugar the devil and branding angel food cake as bad. Instead let’s resolve to eat less of it. And for many Americans this means quite a lot less.

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So today I am eating some sugar in my angel food cake. And I think you might enjoy some too!

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