Apricot & Feta Brussels Sprouts

Apricot & Feta Brussels Sprouts

A few weeks ago, my mom came to visit me in DC to help me find an apartment. One night I lead us on a hunt to find a sushi burrito only to realize that it closed at 8 and it was 8:05. (On a side note, I have since visited Buredo and it did not disappoint). Anyways, we ended up going to a restaurant across the street from our hotel, and while it was a little more pricey than a sushi burrito, it did not disappoint.

Apricot Feta Brussels Sprouts (1 of 1)-2

Today’s recipe is inspired by the Brussels sprout dish at Lincoln in downtown DC. Lincoln serves seasonally inspired small plates with ingredients supplied by local farmers. However, their Brussels sprout dish is so good, they serve it year round.

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As a picky eater, its truly quite shocking that I love Brussels Sprouts. Brussels Sprouts are all about how you cook them. And it’s the one vegetable I never skimp on fat (olive oil), brussels sprouts are only good (in my opinion) when they are cooked in olive oil.

Apricot Feta Brussels Sprouts (1 of 1)-5Apricot Feta Brussels Sprouts (1 of 1)-4

The Lincoln Brussels sprouts dish is served with an Apricot mostarda, feta and mint. For my rendition I used an Apricot preserve, fresh apricots and feta. My mom has been asking me to create this dish since the second we finished it and since my Grandma is the queen of apricots, it was a brussels sprouts match made in heaven. 

Apricot and Feta Brussels Sprouts

Apricot Feta Brussels Sprouts (1 of 1)-3Apricot Feta Brussels Sprouts (1 of 1)

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