Featured Ingredient: Asparagus

Featured Ingredient: Asparagus

Happy Spring! Nothing says spring in the vegetable world quite like asparagus.

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Asparagus is often remembered for the putrid smell it causes in urine. But supposedly, only 25% of people actually smell asparagus pee. It takes a certain gene to allow you to detect the smell and only 25% of people have this gene. (I am certainly one of those people, but I am also not sure its only 25%. Can any of you not detect the smell).

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I  was going away for the weekend, after purchasing some fresh asparagus that I didn’t want to waste. I researched and discovered the best way to store fresh asparagus is to keep the rubber band around the end of the stalk and then place the stalks standing up in a small jar filled with about an inch of water. See below for before and after pictures.

Can you even tell the difference?

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