Baby Bella Mushroom Burgers

Baby Bella Mushroom Burgers

Portabella mushroom burgers are being added to burger chain menus across the country. I have tried them at Shake Shack and some Boston chains like Wahlburgers and a local spot by me, Lee’s. Although they are delicious at these restaurants… the mushrooms are typically deep fried. For me, deep frying vegetables is an oxymoron… so I’d rather eat my portabella’s sautéed.

portabella burgers (1 of 1)-17portabella burgers (1 of 1)-2

These bite-sized bella’s are perfect for cute mini slider buns. I found these at Trader Joes. Food is always more fun bite sized or extra large, isn’t it? And large portabella burgers are hard to eat. You take one bite and then the whole thing falls apart. Problem solved when you make them mini!

portabella burgers (1 of 1)-9portabella burgers (1 of 1)-10

These portabella’s are topped with barbeque sauce, onion jam, and cheddar-gruyere cheese. Barbeque sauce + cheese+ onions are always the right choice for burgers in my book and it still hold true for portabella burgers. You can find my recipe for onion jam here, but caramelized onions will also do if you want to go that route. And a note on cheese: cheese has a lot of saturated fat. I chose a cheddar-gruyere mix I found at Trader Joes. One ounce already has 5g of sat fat, so I didn’t want to use any more. If you use a reduced fat version-you could add a little more cheese if you like.

mushrooms burgers.jpg

Serve these burgers with a small side salad or homemade fries. I am planning on sharing a few varieties in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

portabella burgers (1 of 1)-5

and they all fall down….

portabella burgers (1 of 1)-8portabella burgers (1 of 1)

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