Pistachio Pesto stuffed Portabella’s

Pistachio Pesto stuffed Portabella’s

I have always been a big fan of pesto, probably due to my strong dislike of tomato sauce-I need another pizza sauce option. But pesto with pistachios brings pesto to an all new level. I first saw pistachio pesto on Jessica’s How Sweat Eats blog (who by the way is an absolute genius). I decided to make my own version for this recipe using fewer pistachios (because they are seriously expensive) less olive oil to reduce the fat. Oh…and then I added Kale.

pistachio pesto portabello (1 of 1)

I’m sure right now, there is a mixed response to the K-word.  Some of you are like “omg I love Kale this is awesome,” whereas others of you are like “really, I didn’t think you could ruin pesto and now you did” (kale haters-you know who you are). Well I promise you cannot taste the kale at all! Really not at all! Instead while you are enjoying a delicious pistachio pesto you are also eating more vegetables without a change in taste- so it’s a win! Trust me!

pistachio pesto portabello (1 of 1)-11pistachio pesto portabello (1 of 1)-10pistachio pesto portabello (1 of 1)-5pistachio pesto portabello (1 of 1)-6pistachio pesto portabello (1 of 1)-3

Stuffed mushrooms make a great appetizer but in order to make this dish more filling as a meal I added quinoa to the pesto before filling the mushrooms. Two mushrooms plus quinoa and pesto make a perfect meal for me. You can also use some leftover kale to make a side salad if you’re still hungry.

pistachio pesto portabello (1 of 1)-2

pistachio kale pesto portabellos

You will have leftover pistachio kale pesto after making one serving. What should you put it on? Anything and Everything!!

pistachio pesto portabello (1 of 1)-7

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