Miso Mushroom Soba Noodles

Miso Mushroom Soba Noodles

I LOVE mushrooms but I have only loved them for about 5 years. The first time I remember trying mushrooms was when I studied abroad in France. I stayed with a very sweet host family. On the first day, she asked me if there were any foods that I didn’t like, (in French of course). Any? For me it was more like name 5 foods that you like period. Thinking on the spot, I decided to come up with my 3 least favorite foods. Number 1 was easy-tomatoes and any food with tomato based product- I felt like that would cover a lot. I cannot remember what I said as number 2, but I chose ham as #3 because it’s a French staple so I assumed they served that a lot. I wanted to make a good impression, so I made an effort to try everything else. However, my host mother was pretty good at picking up on my facial expressions when I didn’t like something (I thought I was being discrete) and quietly stopped making some of things I really didn’t like. Did I mention she was really nice.

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Anyways that brings us to mushrooms. One day she served mushrooms with dinner. I am pretty sure I had never tried them before, trying was not really part of my vocabulary (to be honest, it still isn’t always part of my vocabulary) I decided to give them a try and it turns out-I liked them!

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I hope you like mushrooms too because I am sharing a week of recipes that all feature mushrooms.

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Today’s recipe is for Miso Mushroom Soba Noodles. Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning that is made from fermented soybeans. Miso is naturally high in sodium, so be sure to use sparingly. The recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of miso paste which has 640mg of sodium-that’s a lot-so be sure to spread the sauce evenly among the two bowls. Miso pairs well with Japanese soba noodles, which are a buckwheat noodle.  Soba noodles are a healthier choice than traditional pasta with half the calories and no fat.

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My Miso Mushroom Soba Noodle recipe is the perfect weeknight meal ready in less than 30 minutes. I highly suggest you top your bowl with the sesame seeds-they really add the perfect texture and flavor!

mushroom miso soba

miso mushroom soba noodles (1 of 1)-2miso mushroom soba noodles (1 of 1)-4miso mushroom soba noodles (1 of 1)

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