Green Pear Smoothie

Green Pear Smoothie

Looking to detox after a sugar overload this weekend? Start your morning with this delicious and sweet green pear smoothie. This smoothie is naturally sweetened with pears and figs.

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This green drink is a smoothie and not a juice. Smoothie’s blend whole ingredient whereas juice leaves a by product known as pulp.

Over the years I have read and researched about the benefits of juicing: the main takeaway is always the same. Juicing fruits and vegetables removes all of the fiber. Fiber keeps you full. If you remove all the fiber, the minute you finish your juice you are likely to still be hungry. Proponents of juicing believe that a juice cleanse will detox your body, however your body has this organ, known as the liver, which detoxes your body, specifically your blood of harmful chemicals.

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My personal preference has always been smoothies. They keep me full longer and are a better breakfast or snack for me than a glass of fresh pressed juice. That’s not to say I wouldn’t drink fresh pressed juice, but I am more likely than not going to share smoothie recipes with you.

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Smoothie recipes can still be dairy free and refined sugar free! This recipe uses almond milk instead of regular milk or yogurt. One trick is to freeze almond milk in ice cube trays so you don’t have to add additional ice that waters down the flavor. The smoothie is sweetened with pears and figs and doesn’t require any additional sugar. I would recommend adding one fig at a time. I think the sweetness from one dried fig will be plenty!

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I promise you won’t even tell that there are 2 cups of spinach!

Green Pear Smoothie

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