Sweet Potato Veggie Burger with Cranberry Yogurt Sauce

Sweet Potato Veggie Burger with Cranberry Yogurt Sauce

Did you know its National Sweet Potato Month? Let’s celebrate with these Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers.

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Trust me on this: store bought veggie burgers pale in comparison to homemade ones! Sweet potatoes aren’t the obvious choice when it comes to veggie burgers but the mashed consistency makes for a great texture.

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When it comes to (veggie) burgers for me its all about the toppings. Usually I’m all about the cheese but with this recipe I decided to leave it out. Instead I went the thanksgiving route and made a take on cran mayo using plain Greek yogurt instead mayonnaise.

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My sophomore or junior year of college, the school opened a new “healthy” organic station that served salads and sandwiches (among many other things like mac and cheese). All the cool kids were putting cran mayo on their sandwiches and eating organic mac and cheese and feeling #healthy (mind you this was before Instagram). Little did we know that organic and healthy were actually not synonymous. It turns out mayo is mayo and mac and cheese is mac and cheese regardless of whether or not it’s organic (too bad!).   This organic café also had sprouts which I decided would be the perfect addition to my veggie burger.

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The sprouts add a little crunch to the soft patty. I also purposefully chose a hard roll to give the burger some added crunch. I chose a small roll as to not over power the burger with lots of bread.

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