Broiled Grapefruit Whole Wheat Muffins

Broiled Grapefruit Whole Wheat Muffins

I am taking broiled grapefruits up a notch with these whole wheat muffins. I am cooking & baking with grapefruit this week to add some brightness to the cold snowy weather we have been having. I cannot really complain because it only snowed about 8 inches in Boston. To the rest of you still digging out, I hope these muffins brighten your day.

grapefruit muffins (1 of 1)-4

These muffins use applesauce and yogurt in place of butter or oil. I like to swap healthier foods for fat and sugar sources to feel a little better about eating a treat. The base of this recipe can be used to make lots of different muffin variations. For this recipe, I added a little lemon zest to the batter to add some freshness.

grapefruit muffins (1 of 1)-2grapefruit muffins (1 of 1)-3grapefruit muffins (1 of 1)-5grapefruit muffins (1 of 1)-6

The grapefruit sits on top of the muffins best if you only fill the muffin tins half way!

Broiled Grapefruit Whole Wheat Muffins .jpg

grapefruit muffins (1 of 1)-7grapefruit muffins (1 of 1)-8grapefruit muffins (1 of 1)-9grapefruit muffins (1 of 1)-11grapefruit muffins (1 of 1)-10grapefruit muffins (1 of 1)-12

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