Featured Ingredient: Grapefruit

Featured Ingredient: Grapefruit

This week I am celebrating winter citrus. Grapefruit is a one of a kind fruit that has a unique taste. It’s definitely worth a try!


The best way to cut a grapefruit is to cut from the top. Then slice horizontally to get the pretty star on the inside.  If you try to cut a grapefruit into wedges you will likely make a big mess like me.

You should not cut a grapefruit vertical from the top. It will make it very hard to cut pieces. (I learned the hard way.)

grapefruit (1 of 1)-4.jpg

Either way, they make for a great picture!

grapefruit (1 of 1)-5grapefruit (1 of 1)-6grapefruit (1 of 1)-7

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