Rosemary Vanilla Cake with Fig Jam

Rosemary Vanilla Cake with Fig Jam

This calls for a celebration! And what celebration is complete without a cake! Welcome to my blog. I am so excited to share my love of food with you.DSCF0154

So what am I celebrating? I have just earned two masters degrees in Nutrition & Public Health. It’s been a lot of work over the past couple of years but it was certainly worth it! Now that I finally have some free time on my hands I want to share with you everything I have learned about nutrition and health.

I hope this blog evolves to provide my readers with healthy and nutritious recipes and meal plans. I have so many ideas of how to make this blog unique so please stay tuned to see what I can come up with!

After telling you all of this, why am I sharing a recipe for cake! Well because I love cake and all sweets as a matter of fact. My food philosophy doesn’t limit any food group or ingredient. I just think of sweets as treats-foods reserved for special occasions (and hey sometimes Wednesday is a special occasion). The words balance and moderation are often thrown around when it comes to food but from what I have learned so far, I still believe the principles of balance and moderation to be true.

For my first recipe I wanted to create something that involved flour (for baking) and fruit. Figs are one of my favorite fruits but they are not in season in the winter. In general, I like to eat seasonal produce and I will typically share seasonally inspired recipes. But being that I named my blog after figs, I really wanted to figure out a way to incorporate them for my first post. I compromised by using fig jam (I bought it at Trader Joes) and placed a few dried figs on top for decoration. I also decorated the cake with rosemary sprigs and pomegranate arils.

Will you please enjoy this cake with me?


rosemary vanilla cake with fig jam

This recipe does not meet the added sugar criteria, I have set for this blog. If this cake is cut into 10 pieces, once slice has 55g of added sugars. Please check back often for new sweets with less added sugar.

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